Among all available means of rodent control, the mice and rat glue is considered to be the best method, as in addition to its high efficiency the glue is absolutely safe for a human being and non-toxic for plants.

However the principle of glue action is not selective, its high adhesion makes small animals and birds, which you do not want to kill, fall into the trap prepared by you. Thus, you should carefully think over the trap location in order to exclude access of children, as well as accidental animals and birds to them.

To minimize risks of falling into a trap, prepared by you, of accidental birds and animals, we recommend you to be guided by its viscosity when selecting a glue, and not to use a glue with higher viscosity, unless necessary:

  1. Glue TRAPCOLL оpossesses the highest viscosity, that is why it is best to be used in case if you try to dispose of large rodents, for example, rats;
  2. Glue ALT has lower viscosity, thus it is best to be used when you ought to dispose of small rodents, for example, mice;
  3. Glue ECOTRAP possesses the lowest viscosity, sufficient for catching insects, and it is the safest for birds and animals, living in your garden. In order to hold them more harmless from adhesion, you should not do a glue strip very wide, it is better to apply to narrow strips spaced apart (about 35 cm). If a bird fell into the trap, you can try to clean it from the glue with the help of vegetable oil, as benzene and similar substances are hazardous for birds.

In a house, where there are pets (cats, dogs), traps are to be placed in sites, inaccessible for them, or you should isolate your pets for a time of catching rodents, for example, you should lock them in a separate premise/room.

When using the glue, you should be guided by the following:

  • It is best to apply the glue in gloves, so that it would not get onto your skin by accident, and try not to touch upholstery and fabric surfaces at that moment;
  • For extermination of large rodents, such as rats, it is best to use a solid support, for example, made of wood strips, which you should additionally fix to the surface (floor), for example, by self-drilling screws, тbecause strong rats are capable of running together with the support;
  • For catching small-size rodents the glue can be applied to any smooth surfaces – glass, ceramic tiles, plastic panels. It is convenient to spread glue on the surface by means of a brush or a sponge, that way you will be able to evenly spread the glue;
  • In order to increase the efficiency of rodent traps, do not forget to place a tasty bait in its centre, for example, sesame seeds, bread pieces with sesame oil, lard or sausage pieces;
  • You should be guided by the following, when making catching bands: if a tree stem is rough, then you should apply the glue ECOTRAP directly to a bark, carefully covering all hollows and cracks, and if a stem is smooth, you should at first wrap it by scotch tape and apply the glue to this scotch tape, in such a way it will be easier for you to replace the trap.

The glue possesses high flow, that is why when it is applied to vertical surfaces you should not overdo, because in case of excessive application the glue can flow down and form web-like fibres, which pollute the surroundings.

If the glue got on clothes or other surfaces, you can use benzine as a solvent.

You should isolate the trap after its use to exclude the possibility of adhesion of other animals, birds and foreign objects to it during its storage and utilization. For example, bend it and pack into a package. It is best to burn the used trap.