Insect Glue ECOTRAP — the most effective means for protecting trees from insects! Non-toxic!
The glue is designed to catch insects – pests of fruit trees in gardens, cabbage-patches or in those places, where application of chemicals is undesirable.
The glue is suitable for applying to dry and wet surfaces, including directly to tree bark..
It is safe by inhalation and does not cause irritation in case of accidental contact with skin. It has specific transparent sticky texture, which does not lose its properties over time.
Glue ECOTRAP  is an ecologically clean, mechanical means for catching insects, not containing toxic substances, for use in a private farm holding in order to protect trees from insects, it is colourless and odourless, non-leaky, waterproof, resistant to atmospheric conditions and not losing its properties over time (in the laboratory a glue mass, applied to the base, did not lose its properties for at least six years).
It is recommended to apply it to a tree stem in the form of complete ring at the height of 30-40 cm from the ground for formation of a catching band, extremely effective for catching insects.
When applying the glue on fruit tree stems in early spring, during mass migration of insect pests from soil to crown of trees; such widespread pests as apple blossom weevil, pea moth, caterpillars of different species, etc., stick to this catching band very well.
If the glue got on clothes or other surfaces, you can use benzine as a solvent. Keep out of the reach of children and pets!
Packaging: 135 g metal tube; 750 g can
 НIt does not dry out during the whole warranty period.
Expiry date: None.
Ingredients: Polybutylene, polyisobutylene.
For wholesale buyers::
Area of use: For catching insects.
Target objects: Harmful flying and creeping insects.
Peculiarities: Specifically developed composition, various kinds of packaging.
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50 pc.
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50 pc.