Rodent and Insect Glue TRAPCOLL — an improved formula of glue ALT, novelty of the year 2011! Much more thicker, much more durable. An ideal, ecologically clean, mechanical means for catching rodents outdoors, inside residential buildings, public catering enterprises, children’s institutions and supply depots, where application of poison baits is prohibited.
It is safe by inhalation and does not cause irritation in case of accidental contact with skin. It has specific transparent sticky texture, which does not lose its properties over time.
The glue mass is applied to a solid support, a rodent, which sticks to it, perishes within two-three hours for lack of moisture and movement, vital for it.
Glue TRAPCOLL is non-toxic, ecologically clean, colourless and odourless, non-leaky, waterproof, resistant to atmospheric conditions and not losing its properties over time (in the laboratory a glue mass, applied to the base, did not lose its properties for at least six years).
Glue TRAPCOLL can be used indoors and outdoors. If the glue got on clothes or other surfaces, you can use benzine as a solvent. Keep out of the reach of children and pets!
• For catching mice the GLUE TRAPCOLL is applied to smooth cardboard with 1 cm wide strip.
• For catching rats you should use a plywood or plastic tray, a piece of thick plastic film, in this case the sticky strip width is 3 cm.
• You should put food (good variant – bread with unrefined sunflower oil) at the trap centre. You should install trays in places of the most probable animal migration.
The specific stickiness of this agent acquires the irreversible character 30 minutes after its application. When a mouse or a rat falls into the trap, it is discarded.
Packaging: 135 g metal tube.
 It does not dry out during the whole warranty period.
Expiry date: None.
Ingredients: Polybutylene, polyisobutylene.
For wholesale buyers::
Areas of use: For catching rodents and insects.
Target objects: All kinds of rodents and insects.
Peculiarities: High adhesion, homogenized composition.
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50 pc.