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Valbrenta Chemicals FLTD (Belarus)

The population of rats and mice is growing every year all over the world. Having settled down near human beings, they spoil, infect and destroy foodstuffs, bits of furniture, various structures, electric wires, as well as they are carriers of infections, hazardous for a human being.

Valbrenta Chemicals IOOO (Belarus) manufactures a line of modern means for effective control of rodents (mice, rats) and insect pests. Nowadays these agents as a non-toxic glue for extermination of rodents and insect pests, meant for use both by professional personnel and in the sphere of private farm holdings.

The method of glue application is very simple: or catching rats and mice the glue is applied to a base, at the centre of which a bait is located. Falling on this base, a rodent sticks to it and perishes within several hours for lack of moisture and movement, which are vital for it. The glue is non-toxic, ecologically clean, colourless, resistant to atmospheric conditions, safe by inhalation and does not cause irritation in case of accidental contact with skin.

All agents passed relevant tests and are certified in accordance with the legislation of the Customs Union.